Corporate Information

PT. BERKAH MANIS MAKMUR (PT. BMM) is registered as a 100% Indonesian owned PMDN company (local investment company) with approval from the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board ( BKPM ) No. 12/36/ III/PMDN/2011 dated 10th Mei 2011. On 11th October 2011, PT. BMM obtained approval from BKPM for exemption of Import Tax and Value Added Tax on the importation of machinery and equipment for the construction of a 2,000mt per day sugar refinery in Indonesia (Masterlist No. : 700/Pabean/2011).

Construction of the sugar refinery commenced on 1st July 2011 and an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) contract was signed with a renowned contractor from Thailand. The construction period is 15 months and commissioning is scheduled to start in October 2012.

The sugar refinery is located on a 12 hectare piece of land located at Jalan Raya Jakarta Serang Km 62.5, Cikande, Serang, which is about 60km from Central Jakarta. The Cidurian river encircle part of the land where the refinery is located.

Refinery Plant Outline

The refinery is designed to produce 2,000mt of refined sugar per day with 320 operating days per annum. This is equivalent to an annual melt capacity of about 677,000mt of raw sugar (94.50% weight yield). The refinery will produce refined sugar to the following quantity and quality

Refined Sugar Quality & Quantity
RI Grade 1,500mt/day
POL 99.80%
Color 45 ICUMSA max
Moisture 0.05% max
Ash 0.03% max
Reducing sugar 0.04% max
Crystal size (MA) 0.40 - 0.80mm
R2 Grade 500mt/day
POL 99.70%
Color 80 ICUMSA max
Moisture 0.05% max
Ash 0.05% max
Reducing sugar 0.04% max
Crystal size (MA) 0.80 - 1.10mm

Manufacturing of this high standard refined sugar is dependant not only on the installation of proper machineries but also on the employee's technical capability to ensure that good manufacturing practices and food safety standards are consistently implemented, maintained and monitored. PT. BMM has also retained the services of an Australian HSQE consultant to guide PT. BMM during the construction stage and to provide induction training on HSQE standards before the refinery starts operation.

The refinery plant will generate its own power requirement. High pressure steam from 2 units of coal-fired boilers, each with the capacity to generate 100mt of steam per hour, will be passed through 2 units x 6MW a turbo-generators and it's low pressure exhaust steam will be used in the refinery process. Stand-by diesel generators will be operated during plant shut-down and start-up.

Water from the Cidurian river will be utilized for vacuum pans injection water and treated water from the Cidurian river and deep wells will be used for the boilers and refining process.

Following buildings & stations are provided :

  • Truck scale and raw sugar unloading house
  • Raw sugar warehouse with 100,000mt storage capacity
  • Process house, including carbonization, filtration and IER stations
  • Product Warehouse (c/w packing station)
  • Sub-material and chemical station (CO, Purification, Lime & Salt)
  • Molasses Tanks Condensate Tanks
  • Utility Station :
    • Spray Pond (12,240m²) and pump house
    • Raw Water Pond (17,000m³)
    • Clarifier and Sand Filter (5,000m³/day)
    • Process Water Tank (5,000m³)
    • RO and Demineralization Plant
    • Co — Generation Plant (100t/hr x 2 Boiler; 6 MW x TG)
    • Coal Storage & Coal handling Station
    • Jet cooling tower
    • Conventional cooling tower
  • General Store and Work Shop
  • Office, Mess and Canteen

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